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Patricia Steere / Santos Bonacci. 51. Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes

Santos discusses flat earth and his ideas about the universe, syncretism, astrotheology, ancient cosmology, tropical astrology, Mount Meru, the analemma, ...

What's New in Luminos 9

Luminos 9 adds the largest star catalogs on mobile -- more than 113 million stars -- to our award-winning astronomy app. We've also added iOS 9 integration for ...

Enhanced Brightness - Luminos iPhone Quick Tip

In the Luminos app, asteroids and comets are normally only visible from space due to their small size. You can boost their brightness to see them from Earth with a simple setting.

Constellation Options - Luminos iPhone Quick Tip

In addition to switching between line and star-painted versions of the constellations, you can also set the Luminos app to show only the centermost constellation.

Geochron topographical and button

A prototype topographical map and energized sun button on the Analemma.

Time Picker - Luminos iPhone Quick Tip

The Luminos Time Picker offers an easy way to set the app to an exact moment in time, or to convert between different time systems.

Sky Map - Dica de app para identificar estrelas no céu

Dica de app para identificar estrelas no céu. Basta ativar o GPS do celular, abrir o app e apontar para as estrelas. Sky Map disponível para android e iPhone. Este canal foi criado para...


My friend Neil smashing up his Blackberry as part of his Bonfire Of The Brands project.. More info at

celestia app on os4.1 / pegasos 2(1ghz,1gb of ram) , minigl 2.1

Port of MiniGL 2.1 are requered.

Stellarium: Sky Culture Tour

Look round each installed sky culture.

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