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This is crap

Does not display on the screen properly. Much of the display is beyond the right side of the screen and can’t be viewed.

Very informative

The author has taken great care to make an esoteric concept very accessible. Highly educational!

Five stars but for the size

Very informative, easy to understand, to the point. Nothing over the top. The other two reviewers have expressed my sentiments exactly. The only adjustment that would encourage me to carry this application with me on my device more would come about if the developers could determine a way to compact all of this information into a smaller memory file. As it is, it takes up over 100 mb, which is a lot for me when I have limited space and a lot of apps to see and experience! Otherwise, a five-star application.

Good info on a narrow subject

Remember the figure 8 you used to find in the Pacific Ocean on a globe? That's an example of an analemma. Granted, most people aren't going to get into this subject, but this app does a great job of explaining and illustrating the analemma, not only for earth but other astronomical bodies. The causes of the noon sun not always appearing directly south are explained, and the movie snips help one to visualize what is going on to create the analemma, which is essentially the graph of the sun's position over a year. Would like to see this available on the iPhone as well. Good job!

Nice, the French meaning

I didn't like the word, "nice" much till I learned where it came from - niche - which means notch. Something was "nice" when it was a perfect fit. It is a much more clear and powerful word than oft used. Well, Analemma is a nice program, a perfect fit, for understanding in a much deeper way how our planet (and others) moves around the sun. It is clear, tells you what you need to know and not what you don't need to know! Nice! It has splendid graphics that are not over done. They are crisp and clear, just what is needed to get the concept. The author(s) exaggerate! The show a few more degrees to help demonstrate the concepts. Again, perfectly suited to get the gist of it all. While it is comprehensive it is also short and to the point, with easy navigation. It does it's job, used movies well and even has a calculator. I am interested in the stars and planets, in physics and in practical applications. I will be returning to this app over and over just to enjoy getting the concepts really in my mind as I explore what it means in my daily life. We live in Alaska so the sun is never "as it should be" but wow! It is so much more! So, high kudos to the author(s) for their job well done. And a tip of the hat to Galileo Galilei! Nice! (The church in Pisa moved in analemma I believe!)

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